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The Journey is expanding!

There are amazing restaurants, E.A.T Marketplace in Old Towne Temecula being one of the better ones under Chef Leah Di Bernardo (Leah is AMAZING !!!) and other Executive Chefs I have met – what an INCREDIBLE group of nutritional-minded chefs! Cheers to their leading with healthy alternatives! And, incredible farmers […]

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Avocado Baked Eggs

I like having these once a month or so. I made these again today (to get the picture for the recipe) and also tried something new. I added a couple Baby Spinach leaves to each Avocado pocket before adding the egg – I wont do that again! It tasted wonderful […]

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Strawberry Tomato Gazpacho

I’ve made this dish for MANY years during the hot months. I actually make it a little different each time because I use what’s in the refrigerator. I also always use Cento San Marzano Peeled Tomatoes because they taste perfect with this dish. Great as a snack or side dish […]

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Fiesta Taco Boats

UPDATE: I’m convinced these were probably a promotional item – I can’t find them ANYWHERE! Remember I bought some of these Ortega Fiesta Flats to try? Well, it’s Taco Tuesday today so I decided on Tacos for lunch. I started reheating some of the leftover Taco Meat I made a […]


Beyond Meat Burger and Sausage

These are all over the news. I have tried them before and they are actually pretty decent. However I’m going to do something different with them as an ingredient and post the recipe when I make them. The Beyond Meat (and the Impossible Burger for that matter) deserves its own […]


Amazon Whole Foods Finds

Dropped by the Whole Foods Market to spend a Gift Certificate and went on the prowl for some Interesting ingredients. Here’s what I found: The Chickpea Pasta really caught my eye – will try this tonight! The Red and Green Lentil Pastas I’ve tried in a different brand but I’ll […]